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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Training and Scholarships
Australia is supporting Burkina Faso to build its human resource capacity and to address its food security challenges. In 2011, officials from Burkina Faso’s government travelled to Australia to participate in training in dry-land agriculture techniques, as well as trade law and diplomacy and public sector management. 

Community Engagement
Community engagement with Burkina Faso continues to grow. In 2011 the Australian Government provided small grants to support wheelchair sports, and to assist in reforestation in five communities in the country’s Central Region.

Australian Investment
Australian commercial engagement with Burkina Faso in the mining sector is on the rise. Several Australian mining companies are operating in the country, primarily in the south, including Ampella Mining (zinc, gold), Blackthorn Resources (zinc, gold) and Gryphon Minerals (gold). Other companies undertaking active exploration activities include Mt. Isa Metals, Golden Rim Resources, Middle Island Resources and many others.

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