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Australia continues support for the Accra Environmental Film Festival in 2013

Friday June 28, 2013 - The Australian High Commission is pleased to announce its continued support for the Environmental Film Festival of Accra for the sixth year running with Australian Dollars for the Young Filmmakers’ Workshop segment of the Accra for the second year running.

The High Commission’s contribution this year includes financial support for one of the main components of the festival, ‘The Young Film Makers Video Workshop,’ with AUD 12,936, as well as a number of Australian short films on environmental issues.

Festival organisers, Creative Storm, will take the young film makers aged between 12 and 18 years through a series of workshops on health and sustainable environment, with a range of themes on health, water, sanitation, food hygiene, noise and flooding. They will then produce films around the theme of Children’s Activism on Health and the Environment and create video diaries on health issues that interest them in their own environment.

These will include both positive and negative trends within their environment, with their own voice commentaries. These daily dairies will be collected, edited and produced into short films.

“Safeguarding the environment and improving on the health standards worldwide are key priorities for Australia. The Australian High Commission is pleased to again support the efforts of the Accra Environmental Film Festival in building community consciousness on improvements in the health and environmental sectors,” said the Charge d’Affaires at the Australian High Commission, Ms Susan Ulrich.

A great Australian environmental initiative to have gone global is the ‘Clean Up The World Campaign.’ Set up by Australian Ian Kiernan in 1989, in response to the pollution in waterways and the open seas, it’s now a world-wide event that brings people together for a day to clean up their local communities.

An estimated 35 million people in over 130 countries, including Ghana, annually take part in Clean Up The World activities, with action peaking over in a main Clean Up The World weekend event in September.