Australian High Commission
High Commission address: 2, Second Rangoon Close , (cnr Josef B. Tito Ave), Cantonments - Telephone: (+233 302) 216400 - Fax: (+233 302) 216410


Training and Scholarships
Australia is supporting Guinea to manage its natural resources through offering short term scholarships in mining governance and other related technical areas.

Community Engagement
In 2011 the Australian Government funded the construction of six wells in six isolated rural communities in Guinea, providing easily-accessible irrigation water for farmers for the first time, thereby improving food supplies for 2,500 people.

Australian Investment
Numerous Australian mining companies are currently operating in Guinea, including Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Bellzone (iron ore), Alliance Mining Commodities Limited (bauxite), and Forte Energy (uranium).

Travel Advice

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